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SOFXLE is an innovative training program and the only one of its kind, designed to harness the synergy of a leading Ph.D.'s expertise in the Special Operations field with the first-hand experience of some of the finest Special Operators from across military branches that our nation has ever known.

Together, Dr. Atalanta and this team of elite operators tackle the issue:

What expertise from the Special Operations world can we share with America's Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to make them safer and more effective on the street?

Key questions asked at the core of the SOFXLE presentation are:

  • What are the free, intangible, readily available tools of resilience and high performance utilized by Special Operators every day, which LEOs can implement immediately to improve decision making and job performance under immense public scrutiny?

  • What mental, physical, emotional, philosophical, and personal tools lead to success of a mission when failure is not an option?

  • How can America's LE leadership create an organizational culture where officers are taking initiative for their personal growth and development every day, as is fundamental to the culture of Tier One Special Operations units?

  • What is Special Operations doing to break the stigma surrounding the "soft" topics of mental health, resilience, grit, and wellness--and how can Law Enforcement encourage a cultural change that gets onboard with these trends?

The goal of each and every SOFXLE training session is that officers walk out of the conference room with new tools for personal growth and development that can make them more effective on the job immediately, as well as more mentally and physically resilient down the road.

To understand more about the roots of Dr. Atalanta's SOFXLE presentation, please see below:


The impetus for what would become SOFXLE was this viral essay that Dr. Atalanta published in Havok Journal as a response to public outcry in the wake of the George Floyd protests, analyzing the pressures that American LEOs are under, and looking to Special Operations for innovative training strategies and solutions that can prevent future tragedies like Floyd's death.


Hear Chief John Zebrowski, President of New Jersey Police Chiefs Association, interview Dr. Atalanta about the SOFXLE program and how SOF personnel can help America's Law Enforcement professionals strengthen resilience while  elevating performance.

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